Encouragement for Challenging Times

The world has observed and experienced challenging times in the last year and a half plus.  Sickness hit some areas very strongly.  Many businesses and churches were closed due to governmental mandates.  Immediate financial impacts came to employees due to business closures and now continue as shortages for products those employees who could not work are still not available to purchase.

This is a crucial time to encourage one another in the faith of Jesus Christ as our risen Savior who the signs are showing will return soon!  Our Creator made us a social people and He walked in the evening with Adam and Eve.  These are times we must encourage one another to keep looking up to our Savior for strength to continue growing in our love relationship to Jesus and growth in love toward fellow believers and mankind as the crowning work of God's creation. 

Prophecy reveals that a little time of trouble is before us, probation will close and soon Jesus will return on the cloud with the angelic host to take His faithful servants home.  So take a moment and encourage another in the faith.  Pray together for courage and complete dependence on Jesus to give provision to be victorious through the challenges He allows us the privilege to face with His guiding hand to lead us through to shine forth as His precious treasure.

Let's covenant together to meet together at Jesus feet when all these trials and challenges are past!